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Piping systems and installations, including fixtures, which are used to carry waste and/or waste water from a building to a sewer, using a non-pressure or gravity rated system.
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Compact Channel KOMPAQDRAIN®
ULMA Architectural Solutions presents KOMPAQDRAIN®, its new, innovative compact drainage channel with Max Flow® system.
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Slot Gratings
Aesthetics and hydraulic capacity
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Cellar, Basement, Soil and Sewer Vent
Cast iron stand alone vent, used for centuries in properties around the country and now very much in vogue. This charming vent has two functions, either to connect to the stack of a sewar pipe to p...
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Earthworks Drainage
A guide to the selection and specification systems using Fildrain Geocomposite drainage systems
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Tunnel Drainage Brochure
A guide to the selection and specification of ABG Cavidrain and Deckdrain tunnel drainage systems.
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Charcon Highway®
Highway® is a high capacity combined kerb and drainage system, offering a cost effective all-in-one alternative to conventional kerb, gulley and drain networks.
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Cast Iron Long Ventilation and Drainage Grilles
Cast iron long gratings and grilles are made from grey iron, cast in sand moulds bonded with resin to a fine cast finish and are available in various widths. They are imperial so are predominantl...
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Wetroom Drainage - Solo4 Drain
The Solo4 wetroom drain is a 50mm waterseal shower gully ideal for use on concrete slabs, planks and block and beam floors. Available with either a horizontal or vertical outlet, the drain incorpor...
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Active Drainage Ventilation
Marley Plumbing & Drainage offer a choice of drainage ventilation options in the form of secondary ventilation, single stack-aerator or active drainage ventilation. Studor P.A.P.A. (Positive A...
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