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Ductwork, fire dampers and ancillaries


Installations which include a group or system of ducts, devices that eliminate or progressively diminish the effects of fire and other dampers which decrease the amplitude of electronic, mechanical, acoustical, or aerodynamic oscillations; for access to ductwork see Access doors (31.5) Doors: general.
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A Natural Ventilation Solution for Bath Abbey - VentilFlex
Spec: 4 x 150mm diameter and 8 x 225mm diameter VentilFlex-25 Date: 8-12 April 2019 Initial Situation: Kompozit'all UK's installation partner, Toast Ltd, was contracted to line 12 existi...
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Using Cast Iron Imperial Air Bricks with Metric Ducting
Although we have cast iron slotted air bricks in metric sizes to perfectly engage with modern plastic ducting and periscopes, there may come a time when the installation requires imperial old patte...
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Intumescent seals: Signed, sealed and delivered
With fire doors under close scrutiny in the aftermath of Grenfell, the public’s trust in their ability to protect lives and assets urgently needs to be restored. Rebuilding confidence in fire rated...
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28,000mm2 Free Area
Our newest designed cast iron 225x225 air brick allows for an unprecedented free area of 28,000mm2. It is known as the MAX9 air brick and has recently been cast in Oxfordshire, near Cotswolds and ...
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Vents Any Colour
Take one look at our website and customers would be forgiven for thinking our grilles are only available painted in one colour - black. They can of course be supplied bare metal to go rusty in man...
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Cast Iron Cellar and Basement Vents
Originally used during Victorian and Edwardian period as sewer vents or "stench flaps", these cast iron vents with 100mm round spigots are making a bit of a come back. We've replace...
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Door Step and Below Door Ventilation
Looking down for architectural features in any Georgian town and as well as coal hole covers, manholes and the like you'll see all manner of air bricks and grilles, mostly for sub floor ventila...
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Cast iron air bricks and mesh - a solution at last
Flymesh and cast iron air bricks, up till now, Installers have either pushed the mesh into the back of the air brick from inside - never to be cleaned again - or meshed over the air brick and held ...
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Ballymore Properties Ltd, Embassy Gardens, Nine Elms, Battersea, London
A case study highlighting how Rytons Tailor-made service produced a bespoke ducting adaptor for Ballymore Properties prestigious Embassy Gardens development in London.
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