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EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks have been developed and manufactured in the UK by Oscar Acoustics and Colinwell Architectural Masonry. This high performance acoustic block has been specifically designed to help control noise reverberation in both internal and external applications, giving clarity to speech & music or reducing unwanted sound from noisy machinery, plant, cars, children etc. EchoCheck acoustic blocks are fire resistant, load bearing and virtually maintenance free; they withstand frequent impact and quietly do their job for the life of a building. EchoCheck acoustic block applications: Sports halls, swimming pools, gymnasiums, public halls and lecture theatres. Also, Loading bays, Anaerobic digesters, plant rooms, factories, external acoustic road and railway/road sound barriers

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Colinwell EchoCheck Acoustic Blocks
Concrete cellular facing blocks with resonating cavity sound cancellation, resulting in excellent absorption of low frequency sound reverberation and good absorption of mid and high frequency sound reverberation.
- F10 Brick/ block walling

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