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ThermoSphere membrane and heating cable is the original patented system that combines electric underfloor heating cables with an uncoupling, crack isolation and waterproofing membrane. With this membrane system you can prepare difficult substrates, prevent uncoupling or delamination. Its advanced waterproofing properties make it perfect for kitchen and bathrooms. It can be installed on walls & floors. It can be sealed against moisture & liquid by using the ThermoSphere waterproofing kit.This underfloor heating system can also significantly reduce installation time and only adds just 5.5mm to a tiled floor build up. Rated for extra heavy use, ThermoSphere membrane is one of the most robust heated uncoupling systems available. The membrane matt is also 100% recyclable.


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ThermoSphere Membrane
Combined underfloor heating and uncoupling system suitable for use with tile and stone floors.
- T90 Heating systems - domestic

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