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Eurocell Closed Loop Recycling
Eurocell has its own post-consumer PVC-U recycling plant in Derbyshire which recycles 22,000+ tonnes of reclaimed PVC-U each year, enabling us to create an endless closed-loop of recycling and re-u...
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Underfloor Heating System
REHAU has a reputation for excellence. It has been earned by providing the building and construction industry with high quality products, expertise and customer support for over 40 years. It's ...
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Chilled Ceiling System
A chilled ceiling system that provides a cost effective and energy efficient cooling solution. REHAU CoolBoard consists of a 15mm thick gypsum board backed with 15mm EPS insulation, with pre-routed...
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Good Light
Poul Henningsen the lighting pioneer and enlightened genius who helped shape contemporary Denmark and the Scandinavian Model By Hans Hertel
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Made for greatness.To illuminate large spaces. To be used here, there and everywhere. LP GRAND has attitude and character, and, at the same time, elegantly suits its surroundings. A big lamp in ev...
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Nature's ability to create is unique and a constantchallenge and inspiration. Complex and remarkable patterns appear everywhere, but all created for a purpose. Patera is no exception. With Pat...
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PH 3½-3 Amber Coloured Limited Edition
A collectors item. - The beauty of Poul Henningsens legacy a legacy that is integral to the Louis Poulsen story lies in the continued relevance and adaptability of his designs. In celebration o...
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Ripls® is a wall-mounted and ceiling lamp created for spaces where people are in motion. Our ambition has been to develop a lamp that creates a multidimensional effect when you move past it. At fi...
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LP Capsule
When architects, local authorities and electricians all over the world choose lighting for urban spaces, there are many different requirements and expectations to be met. The lights must provide a ...
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LP Circle - New Colours
LP Circle® is a family of luminaires, which are available in a range of different sizes and installation options. It is the obvious choice for day care centers, educational facilities and workplace...
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