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Electrosonic World 18
A variety of case studies using audio visual technology to bring corporate, commercial and attraction environments and spaces to life.
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Audio, video and control system design consulting
Designing audio, video and control systems for multisensory environments and experiences. Our AVC Design Consultants act as trusted advisors and partners, taking your vision from concept to reality...
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Technology Design Consulting Brochure
Electrosonic Design Consulting acts as a strategic partner to your business, providing a single point of coordination and accountability for multi-discipline Technology Design Consulting spanning f...
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Acoustic Design Consulting
Acoustics (ACO), a discipline of Electrosonic Design Consulting, provides design consulting services for acoustical environments to support speech intelligibility, acoustical privacy and freedom fr...
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Creating memorablbe Experiences in Business Spaces
Theres an exciting revolution in customer communications. Todays customers and prospects respond in a positive way to memorable experiences that utilize digital technologies like virtual reality, a...
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Electrosonic First 50 Years
This review shows how Electrosonic developed over the years - changing business models, adapting to new technologies, and staying continuously innovative.
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Electrosonic World
Electrosonic works with design partners to bring their creative designs to fruition using innovative technology solutions. Weve been helping bring these visions to reality for more than 55 years. C...
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EXPO Encyclopedia
Over the last 50 years, Electrosonic has been involved in creating lasting memories for 15 EXPOs, in nine countries, providing AV solutions to over 80 pavilions. We have worked with some of the gre...
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Five Trends Impacting AV in 2019
From self-generating content to smart experiences, these audiovisual changes are impacting how businesses, designers and architects are implementing projects in 2019.
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