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Vibstop - Foundation Isolation
Vibstop isolation material is a specifically designed vibration absorbing medium. Produced as a cost effective solution to foundation isolation. Designed with ease of installation in mind, Vibstop...
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Armacork Anti Vibration Pad
Armacork is a direct equivalent to Tico S anti vibration cork. The vibration control properties of rubber bonded cork have long been recognised in machine installations. By combining the resilienc...
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Armaload Bearing Pad - DLW66 & DLW66XP
Armaload DLW66 Load Bearing Pads are used extensively in standard construction applications, precast and prestressed concrete bridges, buildings and structural steel bearing applications, as well a...
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Vibration Isolation
PES in collaboration with CFM has over 35 years experience in Vibration Isolation Systems and Seismic Block Foundations. All components, such as Air Springs and Reaction Anchors, are manufactured i...
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Brett Martin Anthracite Grey Rainwater Systems
Anthracite Grey is the latest popular colour choice available from Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage in a selection of Rainwater Systems providing customers with a choice of three gutter profile...
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Brett Martin Adoptable (non Adoptable) Inspection Chambers
Following the publication of Sewers for Adoption 7 (SfA7) outlining revised performance criteria, newly-defined design detailing and installation standards for all adoptable drainage networks incl...
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A6000 Cabin Style Platform Lift
A6000 The A6000 Platform Lift by Cibes Lift UK The A6000 Platform Lift provides a space saving and smart solution. This makes the A6000 lift one of the most cost effective lifts to install. These a...
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New A5000 Brochure
A5000 The A5000 Platform Lift by Cibes Lift UK The A5000 Platform Lift provides a space saving and smart solution. The A5000 platform lift requires none of the following:- 1.Shaft 2.Machine room 3...
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