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Environment for the disabled and elderly

A selection of products including access signs, ramps, furniture etc. specifically for the disabled and elderly.
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FlexStep at Nordkraft
Nordkraft is an old power station converted into a modern culture centre in Aalborg (Denmark). It goes without saying that the architecture is special as a major part of the previous power station ...
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FlexStep in DJI Store, Paris, France
In view of the modern style of the store and the high-tech products offered, the installation and the design of the FlexStep were kept in plain colours and materials to support its manifestation. ...
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FlexStep in Swedish Church
Instead of an old elevator, it was important to the church that a potential new lift solution was well-fitted into the environment and had as little negative impact as possible on the building’s ae...
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FlexStep at Pharmacy
Some buildings have enough space for a ramp that comply with the slope requirements or a platform lift that can stand next to the staircase – the challenge can be that many accessibility solutions ...
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FlexStep in Copenhagen City Court
H+ ARCHITECTS managed the reconstruction of the Copenhagen City Court, as two functions were merged both organizationally and physically. Architects from H+ ARCHITECTS always consider accessibility...
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FlexStep in the Top Family home
Søren Top suddenly had a blood clot which left him paralyzed the left side and he was dependent on a wheelchair. Søren and his wife immediately became aware of the challenges at home when suddenly ...
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FlexStep and fixed staircase at Leeds Castle, Kent, UK
Away from the main castle buildings stands the more recent addition of a gift shop and restaurant. As the restaurant is accessed via steps, it was not possible to provide access for those with impa...
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FlexStep in the Danish Parliament (Christiansborg Palace)
Liftup was contacted by the architect responsible for the old historic building Christiansborg Palace, because he was looking for an integrated solution to provide access to all persons, walking an...
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FlexStep in the Eidsvoll building in Norway
The fact that the FlexStep has been chosen for the unique Eidsvoll House (Eidsvollbygningen) in Norway is further proof that FlexStep can be adadpted to any environment, both when it comes to funct...
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FlexStep at St. Aidan's School in the UK
The hallways are broad and the traffic is heavy at the stairs at St. Aidan's Primary School in Scotland, UK. To create a coherent and functional solution to meet those needs a FlexStep lifting ...
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