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External walls

External walls carcass above lowest floor level damp proof course i.e. excluding secondary elements, finishes, services and fittings unless described. Walls as a whole, vertical dividing elements, both external and internal walls; external walls as a whole.
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Ducos Intrusion-Resistant Solutions Ventilation Louvres, Continuous Louvre Walls and Louvre Doors
As a manufacturer of products including ventilation louvres and louvre walls, Duco's range offers a number of innovative, patented solutions that comply with RC2 resistance class according to E...
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DucoSun Architectural Solar Shading & Brise Soleil
With DucoSun not only do you keep the sun's heat out but every façade also receives additional radiation thanks to the interplay between the façade and solar shading brise soleil. At DucoSun th...
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DucoGrille High Performance Window & Wall Louvres
DucoGrille high performance louvres have been developed especially for intensive ventilation. The resistance factor is exceptionally low which allows large quantities of air to be introduced into o...
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DucoSlide Architectural Aluminium Sliding Solar Shading Panels
With DucoSlide not only do you keep the sun's heat out but every façade also receives additional radiation thanks to the interplay between the façade and solar shading. The DucoSlide range comp...
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DucoGrille NightVent Ventilative Cooling
The DucoGrille NightVent is a glass-replacing ventilation hatch (for glass thicknesses from 24 to 48 mm) protected from outside by an aesthetic window ventilator, with the option of an intrusion-re...
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DucoGrille Acoustic Window & Wall Louvre
Recessed window louvres manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles. With one kind of louvre blade two aesthetic applications are possible: Z and L. The louvre blades are fitted with the sound-at...
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DucoGrille Close Multi Leaf Damper
The DucoGrille Close 105 is a blade damper which, as a result of its high airflow rate, is perfect for use in ventilation applications of buildings. A llowing fresh air from the outside to directly...
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DucoWall High Performance Continuous Louvre Wall
The DucoWall high performance continuous louvre wall range have uniquely shaped high performance louvre blades which results in excellent air flow and water repellent characteristics.
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Profile 22 Specification Guide version 11
Profile 22 is one of the most versatile & proven window and door systems on the market place. This guide explains our range of profiles & hardware in detail and provides an overview of the ...
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Louvre Wall
Aluminium continuous louvre walls, whereby the aluminium louvre blades are locked into place on plastic blade holders. These are firstly secured into place on the aluminium support profile using Du...
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