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From the outside in, Fassa Bortolo, the Italian manufacturer, offers an integrated system of building materials, all produced to the most exacting quality standards. The range encompasses everything from external wall insulation, plasters and renders, through Gypsolignum®, a unique type of plasterboard with great fire, damp and mechanical resistance as well as excellent soundproofing, to a tiling system and more.

Fassa Bortolo has been in business for over 300 years and has 12 production plants in Italy as well as one in Portugal, with 1,200 people working for it. Its products sell all over Europe. Its commitment to developing new products to meet the evolving needs of the building industry are evident from the innovative high quality range that it offers. The company also offers technical help for any questions, problems or curve balls that your project may throw at you.
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Product catalogue
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Eco-friendly apartment block
EWI being installed on new retirement complex
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Fassa Bortolo

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Fassa House,
Ashchurch Business Centre,
Alexandra Way,
Tewkesbury , GL20 8TD
Tel +44 (0)1684 212272

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