Timber, metal, concrete, plastic barriers to prevent access to or out of an area or to provide visual or noise screening, with associated gates.
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Heras replaces airport Schiphol (NL) perimeter
by Heras
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in The Netherlands is protected by a perimeter of more than 30 kilometres. The fences, gates and security systems will all be preventively replaced in the coming years. H...
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Bespoke Bow Top fencing provides demarcation for church in East Iceland
We supplied 180 metres of 1.2m high bespoke Bow Top fencing with extended base plate posts to allow it to be stepped around the perimeter. The panels also had additional pales to provide extra stre...
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Maidstone Borough Council Safely Secures New Mote Park Play Area with Anti Trap Bow Top Fencing
Mote Park is a 450-acre green space within the town of Maidstone, Kent. The expansive park has woodland, grasslands and rivers all surrounding a 30 acre lake. To safely secure the perimeter of the ...
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Britain's most wildlife-friendly housing development chooses Jacksons' Acoustic Fencing
Three villages and 2,450 new homes have been built in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. We provided 335 metres of 4m high Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway acoustic fencing which was installed on top of ...
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Vertical bar fencing provides stylish perimeter security solution for Gillingham Golf Club
The golf course at Gillingham Golf Club is split into two areas on either side of a main road. In recent years the boundary on the road had been demarcated by timber palisade fencing, which althoug...
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Soundshield panels drown out noise near Edinburgh
BSW Timber’s new Soundshield™ panels have been highly commended, having significantly reduced the noise transmission that enters a new build near Edinburgh.
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An architect designed stand-alone cycle hub for new railway station
A stand-alone cycle hub with two tier parking for 120 bicycles now provides high-quality, safe and secure bike storage at Dundee’s new railway station. The vison was for a structure that wasn’t a...
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East Kent Primary school choose V Mesh to secure perimeter
Originally built in 1871, the school was initially designed to house 140 pupils, but in recent years has undergone development to improve and modernise facilities. In 2017 the school, with support ...
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Independent special school provides safety and security for pupils with 358 mesh
Hope View Independent School is a boys only institution that works with 7-18 year olds who have behavioural and learning difficulties. The school is situated close to a major transport route and al...
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Acoustic fencing provides peace and quiet at a redeveloped residential area in London
A housing estate in North London was recently redeveloped to provide more houses and flats to cope with the ever growing demand in the capital. Because the estate is near to a busy road and behind...
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