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Fibre-based panels, sheets


Panels, sheets made of fibre-based materials for walls, floors, roofs; for Wall cladding panels see (41); for Ceiling boards, panels, tiles see (45); for Sheet roof claddings see (47).
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Features & Benefit Sheet Base Board
Features, benefits and suitable applications for our adaptable A1 fire rated, sheathing and render carrier board.
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Material Safety Data Sheet
Safe handling and working with Resistant Building Boards.
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Multi-pro Tile Backer Board Fixing Guide
Fixing Guide for Resistant Multi-pro Tile Backer Board.
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Multi-pro Tile Backer Board Technical Data Sheet
Resistant Multi-pro Tile Backer is a high strength, durable and easy to fit Tile Backer Board for use in kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms.
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Tech Materials Overview
Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Baffles, Acoustic Rafts, Acoustic Screens, Acoustic Desk Dividers, Acoustic Solutions, Acoustics
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04 - Quest - Acoustic Panel - Technical Datasheet
Datasheet for Syska Quest acoustic panel
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08 - Skyline Cloud - Acoustic Ceiling Panel - Technical Datasheet
Datasheet for Syska Skyline Cloud Acoustic Ceiling Panel
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Acoustic Baffles & Rafts
The acoustic baffle and raft range consists of high-quality acoustic absorbers and baffles used to reduce reverberation and echo. A flexible and highly functional product that can be used to treat ...
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Acoustic Furniture
A selection of acoustic furniture that will make you interiors both beautiful and acoustically friendly. Tech Materials manufactures a range of acoustic furniture products and are currently on the ...
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