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Finishes applied to surface of structure including preparatory work, sub-layers or supports. This includes products suitable for more than one of sections (41) to (47).
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Acoustic Products - Tech Materials
A Leading Manufacturer of Acoustic Products Today our customer-focused approach has led to exceptional customer service and one of a kind internal acoustic products. Design & Manufacture We ...
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Acoustic Screens - Avalanche - PET Screens
Avalanche suspended acoustic dividers are a lightweight, semi-ridged, decorative acoustic screen manufactured with solid colour throughout. They are typically used to improve both the creativity an...
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50mm PET - Absorb - Acoustic Panels
Soak up all the unwanted reverberation and echo with Absorb, a 100% PET panel designed to offer superior sound absorption. Absorb is a highly functional acoustic material intended to be used as aco...
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Printed Acoustic Panels - Acoustic Artwork - Printed Wall Panels
Acoustic Artwork helps to improve brand awareness, creativity and user wellbeing in a wide range of environments. Tech Materials can print any image directly onto acoustic panels using an in-house ...
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Cembrit Patina Inline
Cembrit Patina Inline 'A' fire rated facade panel comes with all the qualities of the Patina design line: the strength and durability of the fibre cement. The beautiful patination over time...
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