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Finishes applied to surface of structure including preparatory work, sub-layers or supports. This includes products suitable for more than one of sections (41) to (47).
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Natural Stone Paving - Installation Guidance
Installation Guidance and "How To" information relating to the installation of Natural Stone Paving products from the Natural Paving brand, from Talasey.
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Pavetuf - Paving Installation, Maintenance and Ancillary Products
Pavetuf is a range of products designed to support the installation, maintenance and protection of your hard landscaping. An established range of products, Pavetuf includes: A priming slurry to p...
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Talasey Group Directory
Talasey are one of the UK's leading Landscape Suppliers offering the largest range of paving and landscape products to the Hard Landscape and Garden sector. Talasey Group Directory provide a d...
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Vitripiazza Porcelain Paving
Vitripiazza is the UK's leading porcelain paving brand offering a high quality, vitrified, porcelain paving range second to none in breadth of product range. Vitripiazza offers 78 different col...
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Cristolite Testing Regime
Cristolite exhibits excellent performance and is rigorously tested to meet today's cladding systems. Our system achieves fire classification of A2:s1:d0 and satisfies impact testing to servicea...
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Cristolite Lightweight Stone Cladding
Cristolite is a natural stone composite fa├žade panel with an overall thickness of 30mm. Its a high performing cladding panel designed for external facades tested for impact, fire and weathering pro...
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