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Hotel X - Toronto, ON
Hotel X’s sophisticated washrooms showcase luxury, with deep cubicles surrounded by towering Alpaco doors, panels and pilasters that extend from within inches above the floor to nearly touching the...
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Port House, Antwerp - Zaha Hadid Architects
To deliver on these lofty washroom design requirements, Zaha Hadid Architects turned to ASI Alpaco. Custom-made, extra-height black Alpaco cubicles provide superior privacy in the stunning washroom...
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Residence Palace (Europa), Brussels - Philippe Samyn and Partners
To preserve the sophistication of the facility, ASI Alpaco created elegant washroom cubicles designed without pedestals rather than walled-off as individual restrooms. With so many visitors to Resi...
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Staybridge Suite (Heathrow Airport) Lockers for Luggage & Bikes
Staybridge Suite is located close to the main entrances to Terminals 1,2&3 of Heathrow Airport and now home to Helmsman Lockers. Our client chose bespoke Helmsman Heavy Duty Two Door Lockers wi...
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On board with Arconic Manufacturing - Employee Lockers
Arconic opted for a simple, colourful but effective locker system for their employees. We are delighted to have been able to offer a solution to suit their needs. We supplied Arconic with one of o...
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The Church of Scientology
Saint Hill Manor situated near East Grinstead, Sussex, is the British headquarters of the Church of Scientology. The Saint Hill castle was built in 1968, the refurbishment enhanced the existing bea...
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Large energy user
Welcome to Calor’s specialist industrial gas supplier service unit for energy-intensive businesses. If your annual energy bill is in the region of £80K or more, you are in the right place. For larg...
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Why choose gas? and Calor
Whether you’re using oil, electric or solid fuel to power your businesses heating, hot water or cooking you should consider switching to Calor. We offer a cleaner, greener and more efficient altern...
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A versatile & reliable fuel for your holiday and caravan park.
More and more holiday and caravan parks across the UK (including household names like Parkdean, Park Resorts, Haven and Butlins) are turning to Calor LPG for an affordable, versatile and environmen...
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LPG for Catering
Whatever your catering needs, be it a professional kitchen or a hog roast machine at events, you’ll know that a responsive, reliable energy supply is an essential ingredient. Where mains gas isn...
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