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Asymmetrical - Desk and Large Meeting table
The collection is characterised by asymmetric wort tops matched with the geometrical rigour of the support bases. Desks and large meeting tables are available in several combinations, dimensions a...
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Multy - Innovative Acoustic partition system for co-working environments and more.
Multy is an innovative partition system for dividing and structuring spaces, for creating visual privacy and reducing acoustic impact in work areas, in particular to satisfy the functional re...
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Tecno W-Qube Pod
W-Qube is a plug-and-play system of micro-settings, designed in a functionally independent way with respect to the surrounding architecture, which is ideal for co-working spaces and shared settings...
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Acoustic+ Specification Data Sheet
Acoustic+ provides ultra noise reduction by absorption & reflection. Acoustic+ combines the sound attenuation properties of both Soundshield and Peacemaker to yield superior noise reduction res...
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Peacemaker Specification Data Sheet
Peacemaker provides exceptional noise control through absorption. It is made of sound absorbing polyethylene foam that effectively traps noise within its cell structure. Its hydrophobic properties ...
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Standard Screen Wall Specification Data Sheet
Standard Screen Wall aesthetically hides equipment, ductwork and pipework from view. It can be fitted to any sides of Series 1, 2 or 3 platforms. Screen slats are powder coated to suit project requ...
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Soundshield Specification Data Sheet
Soundshield provides effective noise reduction by reflection. Soundshield has a Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) of 28 and provides excellent sound insulation performance. It can be fitted to an...
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Guardrail Specification Data Sheet
Guardrail is for platform user protection. It can be fitted to any sides of Series 1, 2 or 3 platforms. The clean, straight lined make for a very tidy look. All components are aluminium with stainl...
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Series 2 Specification Data Sheet
Series 2 Platforms are ideal for flat roofs, both new builds and upgrades. When you need to mount any type of plant and equipment on a flat surface, look no further. The sleek, low profile design i...
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