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Fixfast design, manufacture and supply fasteners and specialist building components for the building envelope. They have been supplying accessories for the whole building envelope since 1975, building up a wealth of experience in each sector as the industry has developed. Their product range now includes:

- Fastener systems for sheeting, cladding and rainscreen
- Insulation adhesive for flat roofing
- Drainage outlets for flat roofing
- Rooftop walkways
- Accessories for green roofs
- Fixed access ladders.
- Cartridge sealants, butyl sealants and tapes for air-sealing and weather-proofing the building envelope
- Specialist tools for the installation of roofing and cladding systems.

Their collaborative approach and desire to help create successful buildings means that they have become well respected in the market, forging trustworthy relationships with major industry players.
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Case study
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Product catalogue
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DrillFast Fasteners for Timber to Steel 4–12 mm Thick
Carbon steel self-drilling fasteners for roofing and cladding (4–12 mm).
- H31 Metal profiled/ flat sheet cladding/ covering, H43 Metal composite panel cladding/ covering, H67 Metal single lap roof tiling, H92 Rainscreen cladding
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DrillFast Lacquered
Colour-matched low-profile self-drilling fasteners for detail work, composite panels and metal sheeting.
- G30 Metal profiled sheet decking, H31 Metal profiled/ flat sheet cladding/ covering
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Drillfast Stainless SFW
For fastening flat panel systems – particularly in the controlled environment industry.
- G30 Metal profiled sheet decking, H31 Metal profiled/ flat sheet cladding/ covering

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Belvedere Riverside Resource Facility
Bermondsey Square Project
Butlins Holiday Camp Project
Cambridge Facade project
Cambridge Facade project
Dakota Facade project

Quality Assurance

Fixfast Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 – ISOQAR Ltd
BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 – ISOQAR Ltd

Trade names

DrillFast Lacquered
DrillFast Stainless
MatchFast Stainless

Contact details

Merlin House,
Seven Mile Lane,
Borough Green,
Kent, TN15 8QY
Tel +44 (0)1732 882387
Fax +44 (0)1732 885532

Alternative contacts

Fixfast Ireland
Teal House,
23a Greenbank Industrial Estate,
Northern Ireland, BT34 2QU
Fixfast USA
6210 S Indianapolis Road,
Tel +1 317 769 7710
Fax +1 317 769 5560