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Flexible proofing/separating sheet membranes

Geotextiles, foils, building papers; separating and sheet dp membranes.

Flexible proofing/separating sheet membranes


Foils, building papers, sheet damp-proof membranes and geotextiles.
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wallsThe innovative sheet for dry cellar walls. Dimpled sheet with an integrated drainage layer. Simple and cost-efficient foundation for dry cellar walls. Improved performance, improved protection.
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Radbar 300mu Radon Gas Barrier
Radbar 300µm is a manufactured blown polythene, mono layer film produced from virgin polymer. Radbar radon resisting membrane is a passive control system.
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Aquaproof - Wetroom System
The Aquaproof System has been developed specifically to prevent water leakage from tiled areas, including wetrooms, shower areas, bathrooms and kitchens.
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In a first for the UK waterproofing industry, Newton Waterproofing have launched a brand new and completely free Waterproofing App, securing the co...
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Reaching depths of more than 30 metres beneath the streets of London, Crossrail Stations required unique solutions to ensure water tightness. GCP ...
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A unique zero carbon house built in Birmingham, to Level 6 of the UK Code for Sustainable Homes. Due to the complexity of the build and the refurb...

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Beeck have been manufacturing natural mineral coatings for over 120 years. Unlike modern film forming paints, Beeck paints form a direct and inseparable chemical bond with the substrate. This proc...
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BLM British Lead are the leading UK manufacturer of British Standard Rolled Lead Sheet and supplier of a wide range of ancillary products. The company was founded in 1932 on the principle of bring...
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One of the UK’s leading building materials suppliers, distributing lead sheet and ancillary products throughout the UK. Calder manufacture lead sheet to BSEN 12588 in a modern, world class manufact...
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Polyethylene building film manufacturer for the construction industry.
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CARLISLE® Construction Materials Europe belongs to the Construction Materials division of CARLISLE® Companies Incorporated, a globally diversified, listed company.The company has gained a reputatio...