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Floor beds, ground floors, basements

Treatments for floors in direct contact with the ground, with integral finish, or up to the underside of screed, or, where no screed exists, to underside of lowest floor finish or pavement. Can include suspended ground floors, hard floor beds, hard and soft surfaces.
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Onduline Building Solutions
A WORLDWIDE RECOGNISED ROOFING PLAYER AT YOUR SERVICE Worldwide leader in lightweight roofing * 80 years of industry experience * Over 150 million m² of roofing solutions sold every year * About...
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Breathable waterproof roof membrane. ONDUTISS AIR roof membranes consist of a layer of polypropylene between two sheets of non-woven polypropylene, making them vapour permeable. This guarantees a ...
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ISOLINE ONDUTILE underlay sheets are used as a secured waterproof layer designed to be fitted under a traditional tile or slate roof. This solution is a perfect waterproof barrier against potential...
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Newton 901-P Data Sheet
Newton 901-P is a two-part, solvent free, clear epoxy which is applied to damp and porous surfaces as a pre-primer prior to the application of Newton 902-P, a vapour barrier and primer for newly pl...
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Newton 902-P Data Sheet
Newton 902-P is a two-part, solvent-free, damp-tolerable, epoxy-based primer which is applied above Newton 901-P pre-primer as a barrier to residual substrate moisture and vapour within concrete an...
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MemTech Pro Void Vent 25 Ancillary Brochure
The MemTech gas protection range provides a comprehensive spectrum of gas protection products and ancillaries to protect buildings and structures from ground gases such as Radon, Methane Carbon Dio...
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Newton 802-DPM Data Sheet
BBA certified, 100% recycled, 1200 gauge damp proof membrane for use below concrete floors or screeds where no groundwater pressure is expected. Newton 802-DPM is compatible with all common buildin...
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Newton 808-RA Salt Retarding and Waterproof Render Additive
High performance, BBA certified, salt-retarding render additive that, when mixed with gauging water to produce a sand-cement render, resists water movement from damp walls after the installation of...
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Newton 804-DPC Injection Damp Proofing Cream
BBA certified, high strength damp proof cream that is injected into the mortar bed to form an effective damp proof course to protect the wall from rising damp, and is even effective to walls that a...
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Newton 809-DPC High Load Physical Damp Proof Course
BBA certified, high performance damp proof course that will not extrude under extreme load, and will not affect the ability of a well designed and built wall to sustain and transmit compression. Co...
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