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Floor beds, ground floors, basements

Treatments for floors in direct contact with the ground, with integral finish, or up to the underside of screed, or, where no screed exists, to underside of lowest floor finish or pavement. Can include suspended ground floors, hard floor beds, hard and soft surfaces.
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Platon Stop damp proofing membrane brochure
Platon Stop is a single application, damp proof underlay, providing sound reducing properties beneath all types of wood and laminate floors. Offers three times more vapour resistance than film memb...
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Newton Complete Guide To Waterproofing 2018
The Newton complete guide to waterproofing includes solutions for new and existing structures. It is comprehensive, includes case studies, product information, the British Standard requirements, gr...
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Cemflex Steel Waterbar for Structural Waterproofing Data Sheet
A brief technical data sheet summarising the features and benefits of Cemflex Steel Waterbar, a weatherproof waterbar designed to form a good watertight seal between ICF blocks/twin wall panels and...
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Fast Track Building Products
ARDEX products have been specified on many prestigious projects, from the worlds largest shopping mall in Dubai, to Selfridges and the London Underground. ARDEX offers a complete system approach f...
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ARDITEX NA Ultra Rapid Setting Latex Subfloor Levelling and Smoothing Compound
ARDITEX NA Ultra Rapid Setting Latex Subfloor Levelling and Smoothing Compound has excellent adhesion to almost all substrates without priming and is unaffected by moisture. It's also ultra fas...
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Newton 520 eco
Newton 520 eco is a cavity drain waterproofing membrane made from recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It is one of the main constituent parts of Newton System 500, our BBA Certified, Type C ...
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Type B Structural Waterproofing (watertight concrete)
An overview of Triton's Type B, integral, waterproofing system, with full specification and technical information about the system components and how they should be specified to achieve waterti...
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Type C Structural Waterproofing (Cavity Drain Systems)
A round up of the Type C waterproofing systems supplied by Triton Systems, explaining the differences between each membrane type and their suitability for various applications.
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Mapei Sports System Technology
This brochure will cover artificial grass surfaces, rubber surfaces, resin surfaces and swimming pools.
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Weber Flooring Systems
In the current fast moving and dynamic environment, time is money. Floors need to be laid quickly and be available to other trades in the shortest time possible. Webers comprehensive flooring pr...
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