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Flues, fuel storage, etc.

Parts, accessories etc. special to piped, ducted services elements.
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Architects Information Leaflet
Downloadable information leaflet helping architects in specifying FuranFlex25 and VentilFlex25 products.
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FuranFlex25 Local Authority Leaflet
This leaflet explains the advantages of the FuranFlex25 and VentilFlex25 products for local authority chimney and duct lining applications.
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VentilFlex25 Data Sheet
This VentilFlex25 data sheet provides the full product specifications.
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Hepworth Terracotta Trade Price List 1st March 2019
Hepworth Terracotta offers a comprehensive range of products for the construction and ventilation of domestic flue and chimney systems including a range of chimney pots, ventilation terminals, gas ...
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Hepworth Terracotta Product Guide
Terracotta is an extraordinary material that is naturally resistant to the effects of acid corrosion, extremes in temperature, weathering and other environmental factors. And, at Hepworth, we have ...
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FuranFlex25 Brochure
The FuranFlex 25 brochure has all the necessary product information in full detail. This includes case studies and information on our nationwide network of installers. FuranFlex is the base product...
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Product Overview Page
This leaflet shows the range of products which service most variables and application types. Product sections are split between heating and ventilation. The heating product types are called FuranFl...
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Euroform Product Overview
For more than 20 years, Euroform Products has been successfully supplying materials and products to the UK construction industry. In that time, the company has developed and cemented a reputation f...
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Hepworth Clay Trade Price List 1st March 2019
Clay drainage trade price list, March 1st 2019
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