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FSi Develop and Manufacture a full range of Built-In Fire Protection Systems to Protect infrastructure and assets around the world.

Key here is the reference to systems and not individual products. It is paramount fire protection systems are installed to uphold the prescribed fire performance of a structure, FSi offer this to the worldwide market.

All systems are manufactured to many global standards including CE, UL, FM, AS, ASTM and ISO. FSi manufacture fire protection systems, air permeability, movement, water permeability and acoustic isolation systems as well as general construction sealants, they offer support and training through their highly experienced technical team.

At FSi they pride themselves on the high level of testing, certification and technical expertise that has been built up through years of experience within the industry, from site installation to Multi-National distribution organisations.
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Flexi-Coat® Coating
Flexible, water based acrylic sealant coating.
- P10 Sundry insulation/ proofing work, P12 Fire stopping systems
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NS Putty Pads®
Pre-cut intumescent pads.
- P12 Fire stopping systems
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NS Putty®
Solvent-free intumescent putty.
- P12 Fire stopping systems

Quality Assurance

FSi Limited is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 – BSI

Trade names

LGS Linear Gap Seal
Paraflam Cavity Barrier
Pass-It System
PenoPatch Putty Patch
PipeBloc EL Intumescent Wrap
PipeBloc PCP Intumescent Pipe Collar
PipeBloc PWP Intumescent Wrap
Pyrocoutsic Intumescent Acrylic Sealant
Pyrolastic Silicone Sealant
PyroPro HPE Sealant
Silverliner Cavity Barriers
Silverseal Compound
Stopseal Batt
Techno-Sil 619

Contact details

FSi Limited,
Westminster Industrial Estate,
Tamworth Road,
United Kingdom, DE12 7DS
Tel +44 (0)1530515130