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Rest, work, fittings and furniture as a whole, including built-in or otherwise fixed fittings and loose furniture, equipment.
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Plywood: The Specifiers Guide
A useful reference source on plywood for architects, designers and specifiers.
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Riga Preprime
Birch plywood overlaid on one or both faces with a preprimed painting film ready for painting without further priming or other preparations. Application include walls, ceilings, surfaces of furni...
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Riga Mel
Birch plywood overlaid with a melamine film on both faces. Reverse face can be overlaid with a phenol film. Riga Mel has applications in the transport industry, wall and ceiling finishes, furnitu...
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Riga Paint
Birch plywood overlaid with a painting film on the wear side or both sides, providing a panel surface suitable for painting. This product does not crack during exterior or interior application. A...
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Riga HPL
Birch plywood overlaid with HPL (High Pressure Laminate) on one or both faces. Balance paper can be applied to the reverse face. HPL is a decorative laminate made of layers of Kraft paper impregn...
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Riga Ignisafe
Birch plywood impregnated with fire retardant. Riga Ignisafe comes in two types, Riga Ply which is raw plywood and Riga Form overlaid on one face with a dark brown phenol film. Application includ...
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Riga Lacquer
Birch plywood varnished on one or both sides for interior application. Applications include walls, ceilings, stands, working surfaces and furniture. Riga Lacquer is decorative, durable and work...
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Riga Dot
Birch plywood overlaid with a phenol, UV resistant or melamine film on both faces. Available in multiple colours. The wear face has a dot pattern and the reverse face is normally smooth. Applicat...
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Riga Colour
Birch plywood with one or both faces painted for interior decorating purposes. Riga colour is decorative, durable, easily workable and environmentally friendly and can be used for walls, ceilings...
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