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Rest, work, fittings and furniture as a whole, including built-in or otherwise fixed fittings and loose furniture, equipment.
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artas design mainly aims at combining the harmonious character of wood natural, warm and comfortable with future technological demands. It is extremely versatile for applications in public areas:...
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A cabinet system that impresses with its striking design language and authentic blend of materials, cage is the perfect solution for storage space and zoning. A square profile tubular frame redefin...
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Future offices must provide employees with differentiated, versatile work environments offering supportive settings for a variety of activities. Rigid spatial structures are disappearing. Space nee...
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The nooi chair family comes from the neunzig° design studio. Born from the idea of creating a chair with one shell form and different frame options to suit all main communication areas, nooi is the...
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yuno Stacking Table
yuno impresses with its lightweight minimalist design and progressive technical concept, capturing the positive features of a folding table while avoiding its weaknesses. Folding the table becomes ...
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Plywood: The Specifiers Guide
A useful reference source on plywood for architects, designers and specifiers.
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Riga Preprime
Birch plywood overlaid on one or both faces with a preprimed painting film ready for painting without further priming or other preparations. Application include walls, ceilings, surfaces of furni...
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Riga Mel
Birch plywood overlaid with a melamine film on both faces. Reverse face can be overlaid with a phenol film. Riga Mel has applications in the transport industry, wall and ceiling finishes, furnitu...
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Riga Paint
Birch plywood overlaid with a painting film on the wear side or both sides, providing a panel surface suitable for painting. This product does not crack during exterior or interior application. A...
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Riga HPL
Birch plywood overlaid with HPL (High Pressure Laminate) on one or both faces. Balance paper can be applied to the reverse face. HPL is a decorative laminate made of layers of Kraft paper impregn...
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