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Gas fires and room heaters


Gas heating appliances where heat transfer is radiant and/or convector, defined by type, use and location.
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Gas Fire Chimney Flue Relining – FuranFlex Case Studies
Initial Situation: Ground floor: 2 x 16m in length with a rectangular Diameter of 380mm x 300mm. First Floor: 2 x 12m in length with a rectangular Diameter of 300mm x 225mm. Project Challenge: The...
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Gas Open Fire Chimney Repair – FuranFlex Case Studies
Initial Situation: Open gas fire on the third floor of a Mayfair apartment was leaking into the fourth-floor apartment above. Project Challenge: Avoid disturbing the residents in this busy apartme...
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Flue Lining for Open Gas Fires - FuranFlex Case Studies
Initial Situation: 6 Furanflex25 liners for open gas fires were installed in Hogarth's House in London. Project Challenge: To maintain the lined flue size due to the large fire opening sizes f...
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Open Gas Fire Flue Relining - FuranFlex Case Studies
Initial Situation: The flue, serving an open gas fire, was breached. This meant a high chance of carbon monoxide leaking into other properties. Project Challenge: After calculating the opening siz...
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Why choose gas? and Calor
Whether you’re using oil, electric or solid fuel to power your businesses heating, hot water or cooking you should consider switching to Calor. We offer a cleaner, greener and more efficient altern...
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A versatile & reliable fuel for your holiday and caravan park.
More and more holiday and caravan parks across the UK (including household names like Parkdean, Park Resorts, Haven and Butlins) are turning to Calor LPG for an affordable, versatile and environmen...
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Large energy user
Welcome to Calor’s specialist industrial gas supplier service unit for energy-intensive businesses. If your annual energy bill is in the region of £80K or more, you are in the right place. For larg...
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LPG for Catering
Whatever your catering needs, be it a professional kitchen or a hog roast machine at events, you’ll know that a responsive, reliable energy supply is an essential ingredient. Where mains gas isn...
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LPG heating & catering to hotels, restaurants & pubs
If your hospitality establishment is off grid, here at Calor you can benefit from our clean burning LPG heating solutions which translate into both fuel and CO2 savings when compared with oil, keep...
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Bio methane
Bio methane from Calor Gas
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