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Gas fires and room heaters


Gas heating appliances where heat transfer is radiant and/or convector, defined by type, use and location.
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Architects Information Leaflet
Downloadable information leaflet helping architects in specifying FuranFlex25 and VentilFlex25 products.
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FuranFlex25 Local Authority Leaflet
This leaflet explains the advantages of the FuranFlex25 and VentilFlex25 products for local authority chimney and duct lining applications.
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Fireplaces Marble, Stone, Gas, Bio-ethanol, Electric burners
Main brochure of fireplaces, baskets register grates, gas fires, bio-ethanol burners
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Heating Installers
If youre a heating installer working in a rural area where customers dont have access to mains gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) from Calor offers your customers all the convenience and reliabilit...
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DRU gas fires and Global by DRU gas fires 2019 price list
The DRU Fires price list 2019 contains full details and prices for all gas fires under the DRU and Global by DRU brands. The prices are expressed as recommended selling prices including and not in...
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DRU Fires summer newsletter 2019
The DRU Fires summer 2019 newsletter contains details about the new products being unveiled at the Hearth & Home exibition, June 9 - 11, 2019. They include Maestro 60, the first DRU hybrid gas/...
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Industrial and Commercial from Calor Gas
We provide tailored solutions to industrial, commercial and public sector organisations looking to control energy and lower CO2 footprint and reduce costs.
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Welcome Brochure
As a Calor Gas customer, you need only focus on the cost and carbon reductions that we generate plus the flexible convenience that gas has to offer over oil. We see it as our role to identify the ...
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Calor gas provides a cleaner, greener, versatile energy source for farmers whether its for heating poultry sheds or greenhouses, drying crops or burning weeds.
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