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Zylo Pipe Casing, Pipe Boxing and Boiler Pipework Covers
Preformed from FSCĀ® certified 9mm MR MDF in two white water resistant seamless finishes, Standard and Gloss, the Zylo range of products are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or high traffic areas. The ...
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Vulkem Quick Systems Fast Curing Liquid Waterproofing
Vulkem Quick liquid waterproofing system has been specially designed to withstand the rigours of regular footfall. Its ideal for use on applications where there will be continuous use and where ac...
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Steve Lowth Composite Fencing Case Study
When Loughborough resident Steve Lowth was ready to upgrade his old fencing he really did his research, visiting several local suppliers and searching online. When he learned about composite fencin...
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HDG Magazine 3/2017
This free quarterly magazine features an eclectic mix of projects from the UK, Ireland and Europe in order to inspire, educate and inform our readers. The magazine has been running for over 44 year...
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The Engineers' and Architects' Guide: Hot Dip Galvanizing
Our guide includes comprehensive information for specifying hot dip galvanizing. Within its eight chapters, a variety of important topics are featured including process details, coating properties,...
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Silicone resin thin coat render and primer system
ProRend Colourtex is a premium factory batched proprietary silicone resin thin-coat render. This attractive render is available in a wide range of colours including NCS, RAL and our own range. It i...
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Rendered rainscreen cladding technical data
ProWall Rainscreen Cladding is an external envelope system with a range of attractive render finishes including the ProRend Colourtex system. Rainscreen cladding is installed creating a clear cavi...
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Reinforcing render mesh with incredible strength
ProMesh reinforcing mesh is ideal for reinforcing plaster or render, particularly around openings or areas of weakness. Flat pressed, alkaline and tear resistant fibreglass mesh.
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Premium mineral thin coat render
ProRend Mineraltex is a premium factory batched proprietary mineral thin-coat render. This attractive render is available in white and can be painted using our Siliconecoat paint to in excess of 65...
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Professional PVCu beading for rendering and plastering
ProBead is through coloured, non-corrosive, non-flammable, frost and UV resistant. ProBead is market leading PVCu beading for plastering and rendering: standard colours manufactured from 100% regro...
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