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Genesis is a range of high-performance balustrade, rails, access walkways and roof protection systems which are ideal for the urban and industrial landscape. Genesis products are extremely durable, fully recyclable, corrosion-free and environmentally friendly with a modular construction which requires no welding for assembly. Available as mill finished or coated, Genesis applications also provide fast installation with minimal energy consumption and disruption to site. All Genesis products are versatile and adaptable, strong and maintenance-free. Handrails are engineered for a smooth finish and tactile comfort – with DDA-compliant options available - and aluminium open grille walkways are lightweight yet durable with high slip resistance for secure footing.

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Genesis Industrial Balustrade
Balustrade for industrial use.
- L30 Stairs/ ladders/ walkways/ handrails/ balustrades

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North Yorkshire, YO17 9HQ
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