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The product information below is from the NBS Plus library of product clauses offered in NBS specification products. It has been created by NBS for GEOCELL Foam Glass. Each product clause is authored in NBS format and is intended for inclusion in project specifications. Please note that NBS product guidance is not a replacement for the manufacturer's literature and it is recommended that GEOCELL Foam Glass be consulted before specifying.

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Foam Glass Aggregate
Aggregate manufactured from 100% recycled glass.
D41 Crib walls, gabions and other gravity retaining walls, E10 Mixing/ Casting/ Curing in situ concrete, E20 Formwork for in situ concrete, M10 Cement based levelling/ wearing screeds, M13 Calcium sulfate based levelling screeds, Q20 Granular sub-bases to roads/ pavings, Q21 In situ concrete roads/ pavings/ bases, Q23 Gravel/ hoggin/ woodchip roads/ pavings, Q37 Green roofs