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Green applications, resources; sustainability

A selection of products (often organic, plant-based) with relatively low overall environmental impact, balancing production and use factors such as energy consumption, resource depletion, pollution, durability, recyclability and safety.
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Adjustable Paving Supports - Woodbury Close, Finsbury Park
ASP pedestals were chosen by the waterproofing contractor to suspend paving slabs on residential balconies above an inverted waterproofing system on a luxury development. Decks were laid to falls...
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Self Levelling Adjustable Pedestals for porcelain tiles
We were approached by a porcelain tile supplier who needed to elevate porcelain tiles around a new build property in Wales. Initially concrete was used to create a base. However the weight of the ...
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M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - Safeway Towers, Vancouver, Canada
Our client was a major nursery stock grower in British Columbia with a very large sedum green roof project in Vancouver. The architect was concerned about future-proofing the green roof and wanted...
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M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - The May Fair Hotel
Mayfair, London Our modular green roof solution, the M-Tray®, has transformed what was previously a fairly unsightly bitumen rooftop at a Mayfair hotel into a beautiful green space for guests to e...
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A residential customer had a storage unit and wanted improve it by adding a green roof. M-Tray®, being modular in shape and easy to install, was the perfect solution. The green roof had to be walk...
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"My Hotel in Bucharest..." timber tiles create a treasure chest
We were contacted by a customer in Bucharest trying to source our Ipe Timber Tiles. He was concerned about durability as Romania has extremes of hot and cold, and torrential rainfall. We reassu...
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Balance self-levelling pedestals provide the solution to difficult paving scheme
Wallbarn worked with a specialist tile installer, working on a new-build in Carmarthenshire. Initially 600mm deep concrete screed was used for a base, but the weight bent the lintels. The concrete...
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an M-Tray® Green Roof reaching the parts other green roofs cannot reach
This project had incredibly restricted access, where the client wanted a green roof on an existing bitumen rooftop overlooked by hotel rooms. The M-Trays® had to be transported on a trolley throug...
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1 metre high Megapads for jacuzzi project
The contractor was installing a jacuzzi for a client. The jacuzzi’s filter requires regular cleaning which means lifting a slab to gain access to the area. The best solution for the slabs around t...
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Green roof on Starbucks cafe
This project involved a brand new Starbucks drive-thru being built in West London where the customer wanted the overlooked rooftop to be green. The customer was able to give the basic dimensions t...
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