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Guardian is a diverse global manufacturing company with leading positions in many markets. They were established in 1932 and now employ over 19,000 people worldwide and are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of float glass operating twenty-seven float glass lines worldwide, including the UK.

Guardian believe in innovation and are at the forefront of modern glass technologies developing a new generation of energy saving glasses from ClimaGuard® and advanced solar control from the SunGuard® ranges; they have a diverse range of clear, coloured or acoustic laminated safety glasses. With Guardian the possibilities for float glass continually grow to suit the demanding design needs of tomorrow.
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Breeam is one of the worlds leading environmental and sustainable assessment methods for building...
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Technical data sheet
ClimaGuard is Guardian Industries range of thermally insulating, low emissivity glass. The Clima...
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A low emissivity coated glass.
- H10 Patent glazing, H11 Curtain walling, H13 Structural glass assemblies, L40 General glazing
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Float Glass
ExtraClear float glass manufactured using the latest advances in glass making technology.
- H10 Patent glazing, H11 Curtain walling, H13 Structural glass assemblies, L40 General glazing
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A laminated safety glass designed to provide protection to people and buildings.
- H10 Patent glazing, H11 Curtain walling, H13 Structural glass assemblies, L40 General glazing

Image gallery

SunGuard SN 40/23 - Cutty Sark, London
SunGuard SN 51/28 - 63 Clerkenwell Road
SunGuard SN 51/28 - Admiral Quay Ocean Village
SunGuard SN 51/28 - Velocity, Weybridge
SunGuard SN 51/28 & SN 62/34 - 25 Churchill Place
SunGuard SN 51/28 & SN 62/34 - The Cheesegrater

Quality Assurance

Guardian Glass UK Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
bsi ISO 14001:2015: 2015 Environmental Management System
OHSAS 18001: 2007 – BSI
BES 6001

Trade names

Guardian Clarity
Guardian Inspiration
Lami Bronze 3628
Lami Green 3773
Lami Grey 6544
Lami Light Bronze 5558
Lami Opal Diffused 2165
Neutral 60/40
Satin Deco
Satin Deco Lami Bronze
Satin Deco Lami Green
Satin Deco Lami Grey
Satin Deco Lami Light Bronze
Satin Deco Opal Diffused
SunGuard HD Diamond 66
SunGuard HD Light Blue 52
SunGuard HD Neutral 67
SunGuard HD Royal Blue 20
SunGuard HD Silver 10
SunGuard HD Silver 20
SunGuard HD Silver 70
SunGuard HD Silver Grey 32
SunGuard High Performance Amber 41/29
SunGuard High Performance Bright Green 40/29
SunGuard High Performance Bronze 40/27
SunGuard High Performance Light Blue 62/52
SunGuard High Performance Neutral 41/33
SunGuard High Performance Neutral 50/32
SunGuard High Performance Royal Blue 40/29
SunGuard High Performance Silver 35/26
SunGuard High Performance Silver 43/31
SunGuard SNX 50
SunGuard SNX 50 Ultra
SunGuard SNX 60
SunGuard SNX 60 Ultra
SunGuard Solar Bright Green 20
SunGuard Solar Bronze 20
SunGuard Solar Gold 20
SunGuard Solar Grey 20
SunGuard SuperNeutral 29/18
SunGuard SuperNeutral 40/23
SunGuard SuperNeutral 51/28
SunGuard SuperNeutral 63
SunGuard SuperNeutral 70/35
SunGuard SuperNeutral 70/37
SunGuard SuperNeutral 75
SunGuard SuperNeutral 75 Ultra

Contact details

Tom Pudding Way,
East Riding of Yorkshire, DN14 8GA
Tel +44 (0)800 032 6322
Fax +44 (0)1405 726999

Alternative contacts

John Elliott
Architectural Specification Manager,
Tel +44 07701 326264
Olcay Parikka
Architectural Specification Manager,
South England
Tel +44 7977-555753
Richard Mayall
Architectural Specification Manager,
Scotland, Ireland,
North of England & North Wales
Tel +44 07545 424430
Simran Bansal
Architectural Specification Manager,
East of England, West Midlands,
& South Wales
Tel +44 07864 951280

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