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Guldmann has perfected a comprehensive, modular range of patient hoist solutions, drawing on more than a quarter of a century of experience supplying assistive technology products designed to help people live their lives to the full.
The company's prime objective is to make sure that carers get more time to provide an all-important personal care. Patient hoists help achieve this by enabling them to make all lifting and moving operations as streamlined and efficient as possible at every single stage. Patient hoists can also be used for other manual handling tasks such as early mobilisation, rehabilitation, physio, and hygiene tasks meeting the exact needs of all concerned.

Rails can be mounted on ceilings, walls or supporting pillars, with unsupported spans of up to 8 metres. Interconnecting elements make it easy to configure rail set-ups for virtually any building, space or requirements.

The discreet, modern design can be made to blend into any style of architecture, interior or décor – either in new structures or as a retrofit.
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Product catalogue
Patient hoists and accessories, a complete guide to the Guldmann product range.
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The GHZ patient hoist is a discreet almost invisible that ensures safe and comfortable lifts and ...
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Guarantee information
The ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard which ensure that products and servic...
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GH1 Lifting Module
Lifting module for up to 255 kg.
- N13 Sanitary appliances and fittings
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GH3 Lifting Module
Lifting modules for up to 500 kg.
- N13 Sanitary appliances and fittings
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GHZ Lifting Module
Lifting modules for up to 255 kg.
- N13 Sanitary appliances and fittings

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Ceiling Track Combination Lock System
Ceiling Track Combination Lock System
GH1 - Ceiling Hoist System on location
GH1 Ceiling hoist
GH1Q - Patient Hoist
GH3 Ceiling hoist

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The Hawkhills Business Park,
The Hawkhills Estate,
Easingwold, York,,
Yorkshire., YO61 3FE
Tel +44 (0)1347 825287

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Tel +45 8741 3100
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