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Hamilton Litestat is a UK-leading designer and manufacturer of high quality decorative electrical wiring accessories, domestic circuit protection, smart lighting controls and audio systems, designed to meet the demands associated with both commercial and residential projects. Our ability to tailor products to the individual requirements of customised projects makes Hamilton an attractive option.

Hamilton’s outstanding reputation is built on delivering quality, both in terms of design and manufacture. It supplies the latest technology and ‘smart’ solutions, all supported by exceptional customer service. As an industry-leading company, Hamilton is ceaseless in its quest to produce pioneering solutions that are easy to install, competitively priced and have a stylish, desirable finish suited to any interior project.
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Product catalogue
Every now and then a project needs something a little different... a special! Our bespoke design ...
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Product catalogue
Bloomsbury replicates the traditional style of the original light switch while meeting todays sta...
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Product catalogue
Boutique Hotel guests are discerning. For them it's all about the experience: the aesthetics ...
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Decorative wiring accessories.
- V90 Electrical systems - domestic
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Decorative wiring accessories.
- V90 Electrical systems - domestic
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Digital Mercury Lighting Control
Intelligent, easy-to-use dimming and control solution, compatible with most leading LED brands.
- V90 Electrical systems - domestic

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Bespoke designs for Hotel Industry
Bespoke tailor-made designs
Bronze range of finishes
Decorative Switch Plates & Sockets
Grid-IT range of clip-in inserts
Hartland Bright Chrome Dimmer

Trade names

Contour Metal Consumer Units
Convex Metal Consumer Units
Hamilton Air
Hamilton Litestat
Hamilton Smart Audio Control
Hamilton Smart Lighting Control
Hartland CFX
Hartland CFX Colours
LEDstat Dimmer
Linea-Duo CFX
Linea-Georgian CFX
Linea-Perlina CFX
Linea-Rondo CFX
Linea-Scala CFX
Perception CFX
Sheer CFX

Contact details

Unit 10,
Carrick Business Centre,
4-5 Bonville Road,
Bristol, BS4 5NZ
Tel +44 (0)1747860088

Alternative contacts

Hamilton Showroom London
Cannon Green,
27 Bush Lane,
London, EC4R 0AA
Tel +44 (0)1747 860088