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Hand and body driers


Hand, face and hair driers defined by materials. The majority of these are warm air driers except where otherwise specified.
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Quiet Mark Certificate 2019/2020
Quiet Mark approved hand dryers have gone through rigorous testing to show they are one of the quietest in their class. This is a third party accreditation.
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Dryflow Dri-tap Hand Dryer - Wash Station Series Fitting Dimensions; Soap Dispenser, Water Tap and Hand Dryer System
The Dryflow Wash Station series allows you to install a soap dispenser, water tap and hand dryer all in the same location over this sink. This makes sure that it is the most convenient way for peop...
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Dryflow Dri-tap Hand Dryer
A more efficient system of hand drying. Solid chromium nickel stainless steel, with a gradient light at the end of the tap, the Dryflow Dri-tap hand dryer is beautifully crafted and will complement...
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Dryflow EcoSlim Hand Dryer
Super low energy, slim and quiet. A solid 1.5mm thick steel and stainless-steel cover. Extraordinary energy efficiency; this unit can run at just 180W using an adjustable motor speed and ability to...
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Dryflow Vapordri Hand Dryer
Fast drying hand dryer, compact and water vaporising. Solid ABS construction. One of the fastest drying hand dryers available, ideal for keeping high traffic washrooms flowing and leaving every us...
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High Traffic Location Hand Dryers
There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing a hand dryer for a high traffic location. We would class a high traffic hand dryer as being suitable to withstand above 300 uses a...
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Quiet Ambience - Quiet Mark Approved Hand Dryers
Hand Dryer Catalogue - There are occasions when you need a high performing hand dryer to not disturb the peaceful ambience of a location. There may also be the need for low noise due to the charact...
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Hotel & Leisure - Hand Dryers
Hand dryer catalogue - In this type of location, it is imperative to strike the perfect balance between performance, design and elegance when choosing a hand dryer. There are some key questions tha...
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Dryflow Viper Hand Dryer
The Viper utilises the latest in modern blade technology. Two angled blades of air simultaneously scrape moisture from the hands providing a rapid and consistent dry which is not so easy to achieve...
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Turboforce Hand Dryer
The Turboforce hand dryer is a very solid all round hand dryer, delivering realistic 10-15 second dry times. It has the option to operate with heat or without for improved energy efficiency and the...
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