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Perry Fields School Sports Hall
The school had serious problem - cold students not wanting to play sports in the school's 500m2 sports hall. Moreover the existing convection heating solution while not being very effective, al...
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Advantage House - Office Heating
Tired of their clunky old storage heaters Advantage House needed something better to keep their clients warm. Advantage house is a prestigious managed office space company in the centre of Lichfiel...
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The Edge "Low Energy" Gusto Homes
Our Infrared Heating Panels are the perfect choice for heating Gusto's exceptionally low-energy homes. The project was for a development of spacious 3 to 4 bedroom exceptionally low-energy ho...
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New Caspians mean a cosy church which will cost less to heat
Smith's Caspian fan convectors were selected because they are versatile and energy-efficient and can be painted in the colour required by the church to comply with the requirements of refurbish...
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Providing a unique heating solution that is sympathetic to the fabric and fittings of a 17th century building
Caspian FF & UVC units were deployed to provide a discreet solution. To enhance this further, many of the units were produced in colours to match the historic and beautiful interiors. Fan spee...
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A versatile & reliable fuel for your holiday and caravan park.
More and more holiday and caravan parks across the UK (including household names like Parkdean, Park Resorts, Haven and Butlins) are turning to Calor LPG for an affordable, versatile and environmen...
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Large energy user
Welcome to Calor’s specialist industrial gas supplier service unit for energy-intensive businesses. If your annual energy bill is in the region of £80K or more, you are in the right place. For larg...
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LPG for Catering
Whatever your catering needs, be it a professional kitchen or a hog roast machine at events, you’ll know that a responsive, reliable energy supply is an essential ingredient. Where mains gas isn...
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LPG heating & catering to hotels, restaurants & pubs
If your hospitality establishment is off grid, here at Calor you can benefit from our clean burning LPG heating solutions which translate into both fuel and CO2 savings when compared with oil, keep...
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Care home benefits from cheaper energy bills from Calor
"We had our old oil boilers for 20 years and they were on their way out, so I sourced quotations for oil and LPG, and LPG was cheaper. We were already using Calor for cooking because we’re off...
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