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2. Commercial Heat Pumps
Whether you run a school, factory, retirement home or any other commercial building, heating overheads can eat into your bottom line. You probably also want to improve your green credentials. With ...
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B. Renewable Heat
With an unmatched reputation for quality, reliability and innovation, the Dimplex name is well known in both the public and private sectors from major home builders to housing associations and home...
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T. Banham Zoo - Commercial Heat Pump
A Dimplex heat pump is at the heart of animazing new low carbon £300,000 visitor attraction at Banham Zoo, providing a year-round subtropical environment and home for exotic species.
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U. Daresbury Science Centre - Commercial Heat Pumps
Currently one of the largest open loop installations in the UK, capable of drawing 30 litres per second from the ground. Vinci Constructions UK approached Ecovision to design a renewable energy sys...
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V. Mr & Mrs Powel - A-Class Heat Pump
The Heat is on: How domestic heat pumps are cutting bills and generating added income for home owners.
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