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In these unprecedented times we have all been looking to protect ourselves and our loved ones as much as we possibly can. A worldwide consensus has been to ensure that the surfaces we interact with are as free from contaminants as possible. We are all doing our part by ensuring we wash our hands regularly and touch foreign surfaces as little as possible.
For those of us however who find this impractical or have to interact with support products regularly, the risk of infection from germs and bacteria is obviously higher and so the need for a higher level of confidence in a surface’s cleanliness is required.
HEWI Active Plus+ introduced to the market in 2015, is specifically designed with this in mind. Active Plus+ incorporates Microsilver into the product material. The Microsilver discharges silver ions, which inhibit bacteria growth, germs, fungi and microbes. Over 24 hours, germs on the surface of the products are affected continuously, so that during this period 99.9 % of the germs are reduced.
HEWI active+ does not harm the environment or the human body. The active ingredient is ECO CERT-certified and suitable for the use of skin care products.

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