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H+H is one of the UK's largest manufacturer of aircrete products. They manufacture the market leading range of Celcon Blocks, including Foundation Blocks, Plus Blocks and the H+H range of aircrete products. H+H aircrete products offer a complete building material that meets the requirements of the Building Regulations, with the flexibility to offer solutions to hospitals, schools, offices, industrial warehouses and housing (social and private). Used in partition, separating and external walls (solid or cavity), firewalls and as an infill to framed construction, their products provide durability and fire resistance as well as superb thermal and sound insulation. Their Vision is to be recognised as Partners in Wall Building. A market leader and preferred supplier of innovative, sustainable and cost-effective aircrete products, with a distinctive partnership approach and adding value at every stage of the supply chain. Their Mission is to supply value added aircrete wall building solutions, recognising that from genuine commitment comes responsive, efficient and reliable customer service and profitable partnerships with distributors, contractors and housebuilders.
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Product catalogue
H+H UK Limited is well known for the beneficial thermal performance of their products, which offe...
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Product catalogue
Celcon products can easily achieve the sound insulation requirements to the Building Regulations....
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Third party approval
CE certification
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Celcon Blocks for Beam and Block Floors
Aircrete blocks for use between reinforced concrete 'I' beams.
- E60 Precast concrete floors/ roof decks
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Celcon Foundation Blocks
Aerated autoclaved concrete blocks suitable for use below damp proof course (DPC) level.
- F10 Brick/ block walling
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Coursing units
Aerated autoclaved concrete coursing units suitable for use with H+H aircrete blocks.
- F10 Brick/ block walling

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Aircrete, lightweight, easy to cut with hand tools
Ashford Borough Council Infill Housing Project
Badbury Park Nursing Home
Batheaston Primary School
Bourne End Self-Build Project
Celcon Block High Strength Grade

Quality Assurance

H+H UK Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
CE Mark
BBA Certificate 01/3816 – 01/3816 Celcon aircrete blocks and thin-joint system
BBA Certificate 01/3816_3 – 01/3816_3 H + H SOLAR GRADE
BBA Certificate 01/3816_4 – 01/3816_4 H + H THIN-JOINT SYSTEM
BBA Certificate 05/4275 – 05/4275 Celcon standard blocks for floor infill
BBA Certificate 90/2467 – 90/2467 Celcon standard blocks (for floor infill)

Trade names

Celcon Blocks
Celfix Thin-Joint Mortar
Foundation Blocks
High Strength Grade
Jumbo Blocks
Solar Grade
Standard Grade
Super Strength Grade

Contact details

Celcon House,
Borough Green,
Kent, TN15 9HZ
Tel +44 (0)1732 886444
Fax +44 (0)1732 886810

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