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Hot and cold water

Piped supply services for hot and cold water systems; bringing cold water from the mains supply to a variety of user points and equipment and the distribution of hot water to sanitary appliances, sinks and other appliances.
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Underfloor Heating System
REHAU has a reputation for excellence. It has been earned by providing the building and construction industry with high quality products, expertise and customer support for over 40 years. It's ...
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Chilled Ceiling System
A chilled ceiling system that provides a cost effective and energy efficient cooling solution. REHAU CoolBoard consists of a 15mm thick gypsum board backed with 15mm EPS insulation, with pre-routed...
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Thermally Activated Building Structures
Energy cost, carbon reduction and legislation drive the need to find new and innovative ways to heat and cool modern buildings. Thermally Activated Building Structures/TABS is an innovative cooling...
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RAUTITAN Heating & Plumbing System
The RAUTITAN system is a trusted solution for drinking water installations worldwide. Hygienic, long-lasting reliability and simple installation. The pre-insulated pipes for the dimensions 16-25mm ...
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Bio LPG from Calor Gas
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Equator Price List February 2017
Complete trade price list for equator hot & cold system
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