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RIBA Accredited CPD (5)

The following CPD Providers Network material is available from iGuzzini Illuminazione (UK) Ltd:
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  • Better Light for a Better Life External link (Seminar)
    This seminar is designed to make the architect think about lighting from a different perspective. It will encourage the specifier to think initially about the light rather than the luminaire.
  • CO2 Relighting: The Route to Sustainable Lighting External link (Seminar)
    This CPD will demonstrate to specifiers: - How the use of these technologies can decrease carbon emissions - The issue of external light polution - Legislation to adhere to - Incentives available
  • Detailing the Dark External link (Seminar)
    This seminar will: - Highlight the multifaceted requirements for external lighting - Provide an explanation of principle drivers for night time illumination - Provide an introduction to the desi...
  • LED: Lighting the Way Forward External link (Seminar)
    - LED Systems how do they work? - Evaluation of LEDs: what's good and what's not? - How does their use impact on the environment? - Photometrics - What is the future for LEDs?
  • No Light? No Architecture. External link (Seminar)
    This CPD presentation focuses on the integration of light into architecture - The difference between thinking about lighting early and lighting being an afterthought - Introduction to innovative ...

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Further information on some of the training offered by iGuzzini Illuminazione (UK) Ltd and the locations served is available:
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Marketing Department - +44 (0)1483 468000 info@iguzzini.co.uk