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Permaphalt is a specially formulated mastic asphalt roofing, using advanced polymer technology to give the ideal combination of long term durability, increased fatigue resistance, improved temperature stability and ease of installation. Applied by traditional asphalt techniques, Permaphalt is the result of extensive research and development, and the careful selection of polymers to provide improved performance, in all flat roof specifications. Independent low temperature flexibility tests concluded that Permaphalt will withstand ambient temperatures down to minus 20°C. IKO is the only manufacturer of mastic asphalt who are members of the Mastic Asphalt Council (MAC), the national trade body for the industry.


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Specially formulated mastic asphalt roofing.
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Fully bonded polymer modified mastic asphalt roof waterproofing system.
- J21 Mastic asphalt roofing/ insulation/ finishes

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