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IKO Polymeric offers a full range of polymeric single ply roofing systems incorporating all of the components required to deliver a complete, high performance roof waterproofing solution using the latest polymer technology. We operate from a purpose built, state of the art manufacturing facility based in the UK at Chesterfield in Derbyshire. Our Spectraplan TPE & Armourplan PVC Membranes have been independently certified by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) - BBA 05/4203 and BBA 05/4287.
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Design guide
A complete design guide for specifying polymeric single ply roofing systems, including; PVC Memb...
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Technical data sheet
Adjustable leaf and gravel guard Manufactured from robust polyamide material Suitable for new ...
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Technical data sheet
Galvanized steel substrate Factory laminated with Armourplan membrane Available in sheet form a...
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Polyester reinforced PVC waterproof membrane.
- J42 Single layer polymeric sheet roof coverings
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A complete range of mechanical fastening systems for use with Spectraplan and Armourplan membranes.
- J42 Single layer polymeric sheet roof coverings
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Spectrabond PU Adhesive
Low foaming PU adhesive.
- J42 Single layer polymeric sheet roof coverings

Image gallery

Armourplan P PVC Membrane for Green Roof
Armourplan PSG for Green Roof - Grove Hotel London
Armourplan PSG Slate Grey -St Anne School Somerset
Armourplan PVC SG120 & SM120 - Blacon Crematorium
Armourplan PVC SM120
Armourplan PVC With Standing Seam

Quality Assurance

IKO Polymeric is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BBA Certificate 05/4203 – 05/4203 Spectraplan SG120
BBA Certificate 05/4203_1 – 05/4203 Spectraplan SM
BBA Certificate 05/4287 – 05/4287 Armourplan P Roof Waterproofing System
BBA Certificate 05/4287_1 – 05/4287 Armourplan SG Roof Waterproofing Systems

Trade names

IKOpro Sprayfast
Teknotan Detail