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Industrial & agricultural fittings


Fittings e.g. lifts, storage fittings, for industrial e.g. abattoirs, and agricultural use.
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Boots Distribution Centres
Double Deck Lifts installed at all Boots regional and national DC's to enable the full integration of DD distribution across the UK and Ireland.
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Double Deck Lift Installations for Tesco
Enhanced Double Deck transport capability across Tesco's UK Distribution Network. Double Deck Lifts installed at DCs and RSUs throughout UK.
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Large Chiller Support and Access Platforms
Roof-Pro provided free-standing support frames for 4no. 7000kg chillers, with associated access platforms for the units control panels. This allowed the main contractor to weather-proof the roof pl...
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Condenser Support Frame
Roof-Pro worked closely with the project structural engineer to design and supply a free-standing support frame to target above specific internal column positions. This was due to limited deck load...
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