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Infrared Heating Products are specialists in infrared heating.

At IHP we do one thing, but we do it very well! Our unique, elegant panel design is registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office and we manufacture all our panels here in the UK. The result is a highly effective alternative to traditional convection heating systems for both commercial and domestic applications.

By delivering the following benefits, far infrared is the future in heating:

1) Heats objects, not the air. Uses half the energy of an equivalent convection system

2) Does not dry out the air; Great for allergy and cold sufferers

3) Stops condensation, eliminates mould and dampness

4) Warms evenly, no hot head, cold feet syndrome toes

5) No maintenance

Designed for manufacturing, made in the UK using heavy-duty components, our heaters have quality built in. We guarantee our product for 10 years but know they will last a lifetime.

Contact us for a no obligation site survey and quotation at www.infraredheaterpanels.co.uk.
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Third party approval
Declaration of Conformity for IHP Infrared Heater Panel Product Range
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Product catalogue
Manual for IHP's Far Infrared Heater Panels
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Technical data sheet
Datasheet for a Far Infrared Heating Panels for mounting on ceiling and walls.

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320W Infrared Heating Panel
Front and Back of Infrared Heating Panel
Infrared Heater Panel 320W
Infrared Heating Panels for a Shop
Medium Intensity Heaters for a Gym
Suspended Ceiling Infrared Heater Panel

Trade names

Infrared Heating
Infrared Heating Panels
Infrared Heating Products

Contact details

406 Lichfield Road,
Burton On Trent,
DE13 8EH,
United Kingdom, DE13 8EH
Tel 01283246490

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