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IFS Ltd are a leading hand dryer specialist with the most comprehensive range of exclusive designs in the UK. They are a Carbon Trust accredited supplier of hand dryers and consultation with them ensures the right hand dryer for each project is selected based on cost, energy efficiency, lifespan, noise output and suitability for the location.
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Product catalogue
Hand dryer catalogue - Although they seem a modern phenomenon, the first official hands in style ...
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Third party approval
Accredited in recognition of our track record in designing and delivering high quality energy eff...
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Technical data sheet
The D-flow hand dryer is a popular dual blade airflow hand dryer manufactured in the EU. In indep...
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BCP01G Babycare Plus Baby Changing Table
Slim, folding baby-changing table.
- N10 General fixtures/ furnishings/ equipment
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D-Flow Hand Dryer
Dual blade airflow hand dryer.
- N13 Sanitary appliances and fittings
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Dryflow Blu Ray Junior Hand Dryer
Low noise hand dryer with blue light.
- N13 Sanitary appliances and fittings

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D-Flow Hand Dryer and G-Force MKII in situ
D-Flow Hand Dryer in situ
D-Flow Hand Dryer in situ 2
Dryflow Dri-tap (deck mounted) with soap and water
Dryflow Dri-tap (wall mounted) with soap and water
Dryflow Dri-tap (wall mounted) with soap and water

Quality Assurance

Intelligent Facility Solutions is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
Constructionline Certificate


Intelligent Facility Solutions provides goods and services in the following areas:

Trade names

Dryflow® Hand Dryers
Ecoforce Hand Dryers
G-Force Hand Dryers
Intelligent Hand Dryers
Jet Force Hand Dryers
Stealthforce® Hand Dryers
Turboforce® Hand Dryers