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Isothane are leaders in the manufacturing of Polyurethane systems including spray applied internal and external foam insulation products, cavity wall insulation that can be used in Hard to Treat cavities through to a range of polyurea waterproof coating systems.
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Technical data sheet
Armour-Chem spray is a seamless membrane that can be handled and walked on one minute or less fro...
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Technical data sheet
Armour-flex is a flexible and durable polyurea system which can be used to provide a seamless, pr...
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Third party approval
Duratherm® is a Kiwa BDA Agrément approved (Certificate No’s 18-035,036 & 039) closed cell sp...
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Agrispray OS
Zero ODP spray insulation and stabilization.
- P10 Sundry insulation/ proofing work
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Armour Chem
Polyurea elastomer spray coating.
- J30 Liquid applied damp proofing, J31 Liquid applied waterproof roof coatings
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Polyurea elastomer.
- J30 Liquid applied damp proofing, J31 Liquid applied waterproof roof coatings

Image gallery

Armour-Chem being used in bund lining
Car park soffit insulated with Pirthane 0
Duratherm insulation being applied
Impervius by Isothane Completed Project
Impervius by Isothane Diagram
Impervius by Isothane in progress

Quality Assurance

Isothane Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 – BSI
British Standard
BBA Certificate 97/3426 – 97/3426 Isothane Technitherm cavity wall stabilisation/insulation system

Trade names

Isothane EM
Isothane WBF

Contact details

Newhouse Road,
Huncoat Business Park,
Lancashire, BB5 6NT
Tel +44 (0)1254 872555
Fax +44 (0)1254 871522

Alternative contacts

Impervius by Isothane
Tel +441254 872 555
Tel +441254 872 555

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