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Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd has been an established quarry and mineral processor since 1939. In the late 1980s the company began to focus on the design and manufacture of renders using calcium carbonate lime quarried on site. The render is marketed under the K Rend brand name and has since grown from a small, family-run firm into a market leader in the UK and Ireland supplying render to the construction industry.

Manufacturing and production facilities are situated at headquarters in Larne, Northern Ireland, with manufacturing operations covering a combined area of over 75 acres, from which they produce in excess of 200,000 tonne of materials per annum.

K Rend is the only render product in todays UK & Ireland market that has been awarded the prestigious Kitemark license to BS EN 998:2003. Kitemark schemes are voluntary, illustrating commitment to providing customers with the very best quality and service. Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd pride themselves in providing their customers with the very best quality products and service so they ensure a level of service unmatched by many others in the industry.
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- M20 Plastered/ Rendered/ Roughcast coatings

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K Rend Silicone FT (White)
K Rend - Silicone FT, White
K Rend - Silicone TC
K Rend - Silicone TC
K Rend - Silicone TC 15 (Pure White)
K Rend - Silicone TC 15 and TC 30, bespoke colours

Quality Assurance

K Rend (Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd) is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BBA Certificate 13/5080_1 – 13/5080_1 K Rend External Wall Insulation System 1
BBA Certificate 13/5080_2 – 13/5080_2 K Rend External Wall Insulation System 2
BBA Certificate 97/3428 – 97/3428 K-Rend external renders
BBA Certificate 97/3428_1 – 97/3428_1 K Rend Standard Dash Receiver
BBA Certificate 97/3428_2 – 97/3428_2 K Rend Com Rend
BBA Certificate 97/3428_3 – 97/3428_3 K Rend Brick Rend
BBA Certificate 97/3428_4 – 97/3428_4 K rend Silicone WP and Silicone FT
BBA Certificate 97/3428_5 – 97/3428_5 K rend Silicone TC15 Render System 3

Trade names

K Lime
K Mix
K Rend

Contact details

Kilwaughter Minerals Ltd,
9 Starbog Road,
County Antrim, BT40 2TJ
Tel +44 (0)28 2826 0766
Fax +44 (0)28 2826 0136