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Keim Mineral Paints provide longlife, protective, decorative finishes for mineral substrates, like render, concrete, stone, brickwork. Keim Paints are for both external and internal projects and for all types of buildings from newbuild to restoration. Keim offers a range of mineral paints as well ancillary products from pretreatments to renders.
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Technical data sheet
Sol-silicate mineral paint system for use on concrete surfaces to provide a colour wash or semitr...
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Technical data sheet
KEIM Ecosil ME is a high performance, environmentally friendly mineral paint for interior use. KE...
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Technical data sheet
KEIM Lotexan is a siloxane based water repellent impregnation to reduce the water absorption of n...
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Keim Concretal Lasur
Mineral, colour wash paint system for unification of concrete surfaces.
- M60 Painting/ clear finishing
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Keim Concretal System
Concrete repair system and protective mineral paint.
- M60 Painting/ clear finishing
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Keim Ecosil ME
Mineral paint system for internal use.
- M60 Painting/ clear finishing

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Keim Concretal C
Keim Concretal Lasur
Keim Dolomitspachtel
Keim Ecosil ME
Keim Ecotec
Keim Fixativ

Quality Assurance

Keim Mineral Paints Ltd is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
IS EN ISO 9000
BBA Certificate 90/2394 – Keim-Granital masonry paint

Trade names

Keim Algicid
Keim Algicid -Plus
Keim Biosil
Keim Concretal
Keim Concretal C
Keim Concretal Lasur
Keim Concretal W
Keim Conretal
Keim Contact
Keim Contact Grob
Keim Contact Plus
Keim Contact Plus Grob
Keim Ecosil-ME
Keim Granital
Keim Granital Dilution
Keim Granital Grob
Keim Lotexan
Keim MX Fire Retardant Systems
Keim Optil
Keim Quarzil
Keim Restauro
Keim Restauro Lasur
Keim Royalan
Keim Silan
Keim Soldalit
Keim Soldalit-ME
Keim Spachtel
Keim STS
Keim STS 7M
Keim Universal Render

Contact details

Santok Building,
Deer Park Way,
Donnington Wood,
Shropshire, TF2 7NA
Tel +44 (0)1952 231250
Fax +44 (0)1952 231251

Alternative contacts

Anton Boekhoudt
Bryan Roe
Dave Smith
James Best
Julian Cullum
South West
Nicola Young
Paul Milligan
Richard Perry
South East
Tony Carter
Scotland/Northern Ireland