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Kemmlit have been manufacturing and installing their award winning cubicle systems for over 50 years in stadiums, museums, schools, universities and more.

With over 15 design awards, including reddot, iF, TOR 100 and DESIGNPREIS, it has made them one of Europe’s market leaders in the manufacture of stainless steel cubicles, glass cubicles, and lockers.

Kemmlit treats every project as individual, it works closely with architects, designers and contractors to produce washrooms that fulfil design requirements.

Their strong commitment to supplying only high-grade products makes them the market leader. Whether it be the product itself, the handling or support service, KEMMLIT's customers benefit from their top performance. It is their aim to offer their customer the best solution available. Individual consulting services provided by highly-trained specialists and user-specific solutions worked out by trained engineers are just as important as the large range of products they produce to accommodate all of their customer’s needs.

KEMMLIT assure customers with competence in planning, execution of projects no matter what size. Decades of experience, adherence to delivery dates and reliable installation guarantees outstanding quality!
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Product catalogue
To complete projects with the finishing touches that will enhance overall aesthetics, ranges manu...
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Product catalogue
Forget all the problems with damp cycling or running clothing at work that gets hung up all over ...
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Product catalogue
Kemmlit Bambino system is ideally placed in the market for younger children. Its well thought out...
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Panel cubicle suitable for children.
- K32 Panel cubicles/ duct and wall linings/ screens
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Toilet cubicle with lightweight core technology.
- K32 Panel cubicles/ duct and wall linings/ screens
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Robust and flexible panel cubicle.
- K32 Panel cubicles/ duct and wall linings/ screens

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Bambino Cubicle System
Bambino Cubicle System
Cell Cubicle System
Classiccell Bronze
Classiccell with LED Indicators
Cronus Cubicle System

Quality Assurance

Kemmlit UK is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
EN ISO 14001: 2015 – ÖKO ZERT

Trade names

Active Sports V-Lockers
Bambino Cubicle
Basic Cubicle
CELL Cubicle
Cronus Cubicle
IXOS L Lockers
IXOS P Lockers
NiUU Cubicle
Noxx Cubicle
Noxx Smart Cubicle
PRIMO Cubicle
Skirmett Supplies
Type R Lockers
Type S Lockers

Contact details

Kemmlit UK,
Bays Platt,
Oxfordshire, RG9 6TD
Tel +44 (0)1491 638606
Fax +44 (0)1491 638072

Alternative contacts

Lisa Exall
Bays Platt,
Buckinghamshire, RG9 6TD
Tel +44 (0)1491638606

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