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At Kingspan Insulated Panels we're pioneering new technologies and innovative ways of building for a low-carbon future.

We're dedicated to maximising construction efficiency while delivering superior lifetime performance and fire protection with complete building envelope systems underpinned by large-scale system testing and industry-leading warranties.

Energy efficiency is at the heart of our innovation, from developing QuadCore™ Technology - the industry's highest-performing closed-cell insulated panel core - to providing services that support sustainable building techniques.

As the world demands more from buildings in terms of energy efficiency, fire safety, resilience, health and aesthetics, we have expanded beyond insulated roof and wall panels to encompass high-end architectural facades, daylighting systems, integrated solar PV and structural steel solutions.

Together with insight from our ongoing research into better building design, these enhanced Kingspan envelopes will take our built environment to the next era of efficiency and wellbeing.
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Reference document for a comprehensive overview of Kingspan's tested and accredited insulated...
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Product catalogue
Architectural features and cladding components.
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Product catalogue
Combining systems and expertise from across the Kingspan Group, Kingspan Facades is a service-led...
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KS1000 CR Insulated Roof Panel System, PIR
Curved Roof (CR), secret-fix, shallow-profiled, polyisocyanurate insulated roofing system with steel panels and raised side joints.
- H43 Metal composite panel cladding/ covering
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KS1000 CW Insulated Wall Panel System – PIR
Secret-fix steel-faced, polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulated wall panel system in a curved (curvewall) profile.
- H43 Metal composite panel cladding/ covering
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KS1000 FC Insulated Wall Panel System – PIR
Five Crown/ Box Profile through-fix steel-faced, polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulated wall panel system in a recurring box profile.
- H43 Metal composite panel cladding/ covering

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Aberdeen Aquatics Centre
Boston Convention Centre
Centenary Hospital, Canberra
Craigieburn Town Centre
Eastwood School, Glasgow
Knightstone Housing, Weston-Super-Mare

Quality Assurance

Kingspan Insulated Panels is certified to the following Quality Assurance schemes/standards:
BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 – BRE
BBA Certificate 04/4181 – 04/4181 Kingzip insulated standing seam roof panel systems
BBA Certificate 05/4281 – 05/4281 Insulated wall cladding panels
BBA Certificate 06/4363 – 06/4363 Kingspan insulated roof panels
BBA Certificate 06/4390 – 06/4390 Insulated wall cladding panels see Ward
BBA Certificate 06/4391 – 06/4391 Insulated roof panels see Ward

Contact details

Greenfield Business Park No 2,
Flintshire, CH8 7GJ
Tel +44 (0)1352 716100
Fax +44 (0)1352 710161

Alternative contacts

Sample Requests
Tel +44 (0)1352 717204
Tech Support: Facades
Tel +44 (0)800 970 9036
Tech Support: Panels
Tel +44 (0)1352 716101

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