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Landscaping, hard surfaces, pools

External ground surface products and services; swimming pools.
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Adjustable Paving Supports - Woodbury Close, Finsbury Park
ASP pedestals were chosen by the waterproofing contractor to suspend paving slabs on residential balconies above an inverted waterproofing system on a luxury development. Decks were laid to falls...
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Natural stone paving using pedestals - Douglas, Isle of Man
This was a large roof terrace on a private domestic project. The area was flooded and had needed to be re-laid with waterproofing and a significant fall constructed into the deck to allow the often...
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Self Levelling Adjustable Pedestals for porcelain tiles
We were approached by a porcelain tile supplier who needed to elevate porcelain tiles around a new build property in Wales. Initially concrete was used to create a base. However the weight of the ...
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Hardwood Timber Tiles - Tunbridge Wells
This project involved a penthouse with a huge roof terrace. The existing deck was dilapidated and needed complete replacement. The existing decking needed to be lifted, cut up and removed. The terr...
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Paving and Decking Supports - St Katherine's Dock, London
This was a major refurbishment and landscaping project for an office development in the City of London. A podium deck had been re-waterproofed and the area landscaped, by contractor Scotscape, wit...
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Paving and Decking Pedestals - Big Chill bar, King’s Cross, London
The Big Chill, a bar in King’s Cross, was creating a public roof terrace on an existing structure. The deck was complicated with many changes of level and multiple objects present. A single ply me...
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M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - The May Fair Hotel
Mayfair, London Our modular green roof solution, the M-Tray®, has transformed what was previously a fairly unsightly bitumen rooftop at a Mayfair hotel into a beautiful green space for guests to e...
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A residential customer had a storage unit and wanted improve it by adding a green roof. M-Tray®, being modular in shape and easy to install, was the perfect solution. The green roof had to be walk...
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"My Hotel in Bucharest..." timber tiles create a treasure chest
We were contacted by a customer in Bucharest trying to source our Ipe Timber Tiles. He was concerned about durability as Romania has extremes of hot and cold, and torrential rainfall. We reassu...
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Decking Supports - Snowfields Primary School, South London
100m2 flat roof on top of a school in was going to become an outside classroom. Access was severely restricted so it was not possible to consider traditional decking boards. Work was required at ha...
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