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A face-fixed drop seal suitable for glass doors - designed for hinged doors into timber or aluminium frames. It is non-reversible and needs to be ordered left or right handed. LAS8002G features a high efficiency mechanism which lifts the seal clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened by a few millimetres; resulting in lower door operating forces. Key benefits Durable flexible elastomeric fin elements are incorporated with the housing to provide acoustic and smoke properties. Tested for acoustic performance with BS EN ISO 10140-2: 2010. Meets the smoke leakage performance requirements of BS 9999 and is used for sealing the threshold of door assemblies against leakage of ambient temperature smoke, as defined in BS 476: Part 31.1: 1983.

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LAS8002G Drop Seal
Face-fixed drop seal, suitable for glass doors.
- L20 Doors/ shutters/ hatches, P21 Door/ window ironmongery

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