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12 Hammersmith Grove in London features Lazenby's decorative concrete throughout. Lazenby's polished concrete floors, pre-cast concrete tiles and GFC (Glass Fibre Concrete) furniture and GFC tiles were specified, for this commercial project, to achieve the consistent colour required by Flanagan Lawrence. Lazenby's complementary concrete colours; Basalt and Azure Grey, were carefully selected from 29 unique colours; 15 polished concrete and 14 pre-cast concrete colours. Basalt for the polished concrete floors throughout; Azure Grey pre-cast concrete tiles for 10 lift thresholds and Azure Grey GFC (Glass Fibre Concrete) for the magnificent Reception Desk and inside every lift car. Lazenby are the decorative concrete master craftsmen and industry innovators.


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Unit 1,
Victoria Industrial Estate,
North Acton, W3 6UU
Tel +44 (0)1935 700306
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