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University of Buckingham Academic Centre & Use of the Roman Brick
The £8m University of Buckingham’s Academic Centre, situated at the Milton Keynes University Hospital, was completed in February 2018. Designed by Feilden+Mawson architects from their Norwich office, Partner in Charge and Lead Designer Philip Bodie, deployed Lignacite’s Roman Blocks within the...
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Rathbone Market – Phase 2 - Lignacite’s Roman Bricks are available in a range of colours, textures and finishes, offering a contemporary and flexible module for Architects and Designers.
Phase 2 of Canning Town’s Rathbone Market redevelopment comprises 165 homes, 12,000 sqft retail space, a community building and two public squares, one forms the centre piece and permanent home for Rathbone Market, and the other a landscaped entrance to the existing subway beneath the Newham W...
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Improved Sound Absorption and Insulation
Lignacite have established a reputation for their extensive range of high quality commodity and architectural facing masonry blocks capable of improving acoustic, sound absorption and sound insulation values. Sound absorption is an extremely effective method of lessening the echo and noise w...
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How to create unique and stunning visual impacts using facing masonry
Designed and manufactured in the UK, Lignacite’s traditional building blocks are renowned for their quality and sustainability. In addition, their Architectural Facing Masonry (AFM) blocks combine an inherent decorative appeal with strength and durability for internal and external applications...
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The Roman Brick - smaller than a block, larger than a brick
Lignacite’s new range of Roman Bricks has been created to offer a contemporary design feature to architects. Lignacite’s Roman Bricks are available in a full range of over 50 colours, textures and finishes. The Roman Brick is either cut from our standard size block, or formed in a special blo...