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Liquid Weather is a patented product that permanently darkens and blends together new and old surfaces of all kinds of masonry and tiles.

Liquid Weather gives a mature, aged appearance to brick, stone, concrete, tile and render by instantly mimicking the natural weathering process.

One easy application is all that is needed to match existing brickwork, blend in stonework, darken new roofs and pantiles, tone down a driveway or patio, tint new mortar, disguise patched render, finish a fireplace or age garden pots, paths and ornaments.

Liquid Weather allows you to blend new extensions with existing buildings. It also gives a ready-matured appearance to whole new buildings.

Liquid Weather is easily applied by brush or spray without any special equipment. It is non inflammable and non toxic.
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Liquid Products
Liquid Weather

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5 Station Road,
Stamford, PE9 3DW
Tel + (0) 1780 766787

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